VCU Trademarks & Licensing

Applying for a License

CLC is the licensing representative for Virginia Commonwealth University.  CLC is responsible for administering the licensing program, including processing applications, collecting royalties and enforcing proper usage. For more information about click here.

Types of Licensing Agreements

VCU has several types of licensing agreements. The Trademarks & Licensing Office will aid individuals, companies, departments, and organizations in securing the proper agreement and forms. VCU’s agreements include:

Retail and Internal License Any person, business or organization with an interest in producing items bearing the trademarks of the University needs to first obtain a license through CLC. There are two types of licenses available through CLC - a Retail License and an Internal License. Learn more about the license types and apply for a license here.

Licensed vendors must adhere to VCU’s Brand Standards. Trademarked VCU logos and wordmarks are available to all licensed vendors through the VCU Art Sheet with CLC.

Crafter License

A crafter is defined as an individual producing domestic handcrafted items in the home with collegiate marks and selling/distributing to individual consumers via events or direct sales. This might include events organized by church, school, county, state, craft, holiday, Junior League, street festivals, gift marts or flea markets.

This license allows a crafter to sell to individual consumers only. Sales of items on a wholesale basis to a third party are not permitted. All items must be hand-made. No commercially manufactured items are allowed.

If anticipated sales will exceed 500 units or sales revenue of more than $2,500 in one year, please refer to for more information on the Local or Standard Licenses available through the university’s licensing agent, CLC.

An Officially Licensed Collegiate Craft label will be required to be affixed to all products.