VCU Trademarks & Licensing

VCU’s Protected Marks

Virginia Commonwealth University’s name and marks are registered and protected. Those marks registered through the State Corporation Commission (SCC) allow the use of the ™ mark and those registered through the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) allow the use of the ® symbol. VCU asserts ownership and all rights, titles and interest in and to its indicia, which includes trademarks, service marks, names, initials, logos, symbols, insignia, designs, seals and mascots of the university (collectively “Trademarks”). The following trademarks are licensed and controlled in their use on merchandise by VCU’s Office of Trademarks & Licensing:


Virginia Commonwealth University®
VCU Rams ™
Rams ™
VCU Health ™
Havoc ®

 Accessing VCU’s Protected Marks

VCU faculty, staff and students can access the university’s brand standards guide and download university marks on VCU Identity’s website. Licensed vendors have access to .eps files of all licensed university marks through CLC.