VCU Trademarks & Licensing

Licensing Procedures

University departments, schools and registered student organizations wishing to purchase merchandise bearing one or more VCU trademarks must order merchandise produced by a VCU licensed vendor. "Merchandise" includes items that may be sold and promotional items for giveaways, gifts, etc., or items for fundraisers. These items include but are not limited to: apparel, uniforms, headwear, footwear, house wares, office supplies, food items, etc.

Before you place an order for merchandise bearing VCU trademarks, please make sure you are ordering through a VCU licensed vendor. If the manufacturer you plan to use does not have a license to produce VCU trademarked merchandise, you may then choose to use a different manufacturer who holds a license.

If you are requesting VCU trademarked merchandise produced for resale, written approval by the Office of Trademarks & Licensing must be obtained prior to production. This includes items sold for fundraising efforts.

All merchandise bearing VCU trademarks must adhere to VCU's Brand Standards. Please contact University Relations ( for more information.


Athletic Logo Use


University departments, schools and registered student organizations are not permitted to use VCU's primary athletic logos represent their organization. These logos are reserved for varsity athletic teams only. When referring to VCU in the organization's name, "VCU" may not be placed in front of the organization's name; "at VCU" or "of VCU" are the only permitted uses (for example: Badminton Club at VCU or Equestrian Team of VCU). Please refer to VCU's Brand Standards for more information.


Co-Branding with VCU trademarks


Virginia Commonwealth University marks may not be used in conjunction with other trademarks or registered marks without written permission from the owner of the mark and from VCU's Office of Trademarks & Licensing.


What does NOT need to be licensed


Logos or trademarks used by University departments and schools and for official University business do not need to be produced by a licensed vendor. These items include: publications (including brochures, pamphlets, etc.), letterhead, business cards, posters, banners, advertisements or marks on University websites. These types of materials require approval from University Relations before production. Questions and approval for these uses should come from University Relations by contacting

Exceptions to these procedures may be made with written permission from the VCU Office of Trademarks & Licensing.

Please contact Christy Rabil, Marketing, Trademarks & Licensing Manager at 828-3615 or for any questions. We are here to help in any way we can!