VCU Trademarks & Licensing

The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) represents Virginia Commonwealth University and assists in the management of the University's licensing and trademark enforcement program.
CLC is responsible for:

  • Processing license applications
  • Coordinating artwork approvals
  • Collecting royalty payments
  • Protecting University trademarks
  • Developing the University's brand in merchandise
  • Enforcing the University's product and production standards

Manufacturers who wish to produce VCU merchandise must be licensed through CLC. Once a license application is submitted to CLC, the VCU Office of Trademarks & Licensing will review for approval. Licensed manufacturers may be required to pay a royalty fee. The institution only licenses merchandise and services that promote the image of Virginia Commonwealth University and the VCU Medical Center.

If a company would like information on becoming licensed, please contact CLC directly at: (770) 956-0520 or

CLC Labor Code

CLC Hologram Labeling

One of the most recognized licensed product authenticators in the licensing business is CLC's "Officially Licensed Collegiate Products" (OLCP) label. It serves as a quality seal of approval in representing the authenticity of licensed products for CLC partners, including Virginia Commonwealth University. Standard and local licensees are required to order OLCP hologram labels or hangtags and affix them to all licensed items featuring the marks of CLC-represented institutions. More information on the hologram-labeling program can be found at