VCU Trademarks & Licensing

Find a Licensed Vendor

Virginia Commonwealth University requires that all persons, companies and manufacturers who wish to reproduce the university’s marks hold a license for the university through CLC. If you are planning to order merchandise bearing VCU’s trademarks (i.e. logos, artwork, graphic marks, verbiage, etc.), it is required that you place the order with a VCU licensed vendor. Doing so ensures that the product created will be of a quality that meets the university’s brand standards and helps protect the use of the Virginia Commonwealth University name.

Before finding a vendor, please make sure you know which type of vendor you should place an order through. There are two types of vendors for different needs:

Internal Campus Supplier

These vendors can produce merchandise for VCU departments/schools and registered student organizations to be used for internal VCU purposes only. Internal purposes include giveaways, uniforms and other promotional items that will NOT be sold for retail, gift with purchase or fundraising purposes.


These vendors can produce merchandise that will be used for retail purposes. Retail purposes include fundraising, website sales, promotional sales or in-store sales.